Every story has a beginning. Our story begins with the idea of giving art the appreciation it deserves. 
Facebook, Instagram and alike make it easy for everyone to share stories of their lives, photos and opinions with the rest of the world and provide us with infinite resources to learn, connect with one another and enjoy all sorts of services. But every light casts a shadow. It is incredibly easy to lose yourself in the endless stream of information, pictures and hashtags.
Most of the week, we spend our time sitting in lecture halls, libraries or laboratories, and way too often, we live from from exam to exam. It is easy to forget that there are many great artists among us. While some might just be starting out and others have been practicing for years, these people have a passion that they invest time, money and energy in. Be it music, photography, painting, cooking or anything else.
We have a broad understanding of art and include anything that involves passion and creativity.  With Symposium Synesthesia, we want to create a platform for passionate university students to present their art with their fellow students and anyone who is interested - face to face, in real life and in the space and atmosphere it deserves.
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