What is Symposium Synesthesia?
Symposium Synesthesia is a student-run event revolving around various forms of art. We will offer a platform for anyone who is interested in presenting their passion.
When and where?
The first edition of Symposium Synesthesia took place on 29th of May 2019, @ FilmhuisO42 in Nijmegen. 

Is this a series of events or just a one-time thing?
One day at a time…. For now, we focus on realizing the first event and we’ll see how it goes. We are open to the idea of possible future events.

How can I contribute to the event? What if I wanna share my art?
Great! Just send us an e-mail to photo@soenke-linnemann.com! We are eager to hear from you!

Why the name Synesthesia?
Synesthesia is a psychological phenomenon in which perceptual experiences of different senses interact (e.g. seeing music, seeing letters in different colors or smelling sounds). While none of us claim to have any experience with this, we were intrigued by the phenomenon as a creative metaphor. This is where the idea of giving different forms of art (Music, visual art, culinary art) a common space comes from.
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