Symposium Synesthesia is organized by a three-headed core team:
Adrian is in charge of promotion and networking. Marty takes care of video projects and questions related to the location, and Sönke is responsible for visual arts and the website. Many other tasks are divided among us.
More importantly though, we are surrounded by a group of several artists and supporters, contributing their creativity, ideas or critical thinking to the project.
As this is the premiere of Symposium Synesthesia, organizing is still a very dynamic process. That’s why our core message to you is:
If you want to contribute to our project, be it by presenting your own art, helping us out in the process or just throwing in a couple ideas, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or just talk to us on campus.
Especially if you are thinking about presenting something, do not worry being too inexperienced. One of the fascinating things about art made by students is that you will always meet people in different stages of their creative journeys, which Symposium Synesthesia wants to include and present.
We are looking forward to expanding our circle and making Symposium Synesthesia a platform for anyone appreciative of the arts.
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